We tailor-made the training and education to your Company

Review of existing training efforts

Do not fix what is not broken
Reviewing existing policies is never a bad thing. Fresh eyes on these policies prevent company blindness. What is expected and accepted as a normal procedure could be your reliability.

We hold all policies to the light and weigh the strongpoints, the weakpoints and the must haves against the necessary procedures. We hold them against the rules and laws of Health & Safety. Using our Smart Assist methode.

If it can be fixed we repair
Sometimes the standard operational procedures (SOP) are no longer valid, are outdated or simply not used.

We advice on changes, on improvements and how to implement those sop's

writing curriculum based on your or new policies

Development of curriculum

The company has a  written policy on Health & Safety or Security or on Fire Safety for that matter.

No worries with our turn-key solution we provide a solid curriculum that enables your company a program that is structured, implemented and trained for years to come.

Every company has their own challenges and these programs are always tailor-made.
Once agreed upon by the management they need to be implemented. That cost time, tact and sometime plain and simple enforcing.

Training is a big part of the successful implementation.

Development of curriculum

Translation of SOP's to effective use.

Every skilled employee is an expert in their own field. They know how to do it, they are safe, they are enforcing a high standard for themselves and others.

Unfortunately we are all human and not all of us have the same focus, same motivation, or the same insight on what a Safe work environment is.

Our curriculum is based on YOUR policies and is tailor made to the individuals that work within these guidlines, rules and laws.